Art, Space and Memory in the Digital Era

Acaba de salir a la luz el volumen editado por Tincuta Heinzel, Art, Space and Memory in the Digital Era, resultado y compilación del congreso que tuvo lugar en Sibiu en 2007  “Areas of confluence: Art, space and technology in the digital era”.  En este libro colaboramos con nuestro capítulo “On flows, spaces and places: an approach to locative media projects” escrito por servidora y Pau Alsina.

Sale publicado en edición bilingüe: inglés y rumano y se puede comprar desde la web de la editorial:

Editor: Tincuta Heinzel
Authors: Bogdan Ghiu, Woody Vasulka, Tincuta Heinzel, Paulo Ferreira-Lopes, Sophie Fetro, Augustin Ioan, Gemma San Cornelio, Pau Alsina, Anne-Marie Duguet, Heike Helfert, Peter Tomaz Dobrila, Uros Indihar.
Translations: Barbara Bartos, Patricia Comanescu, Simona Klodnischi, Ancuta Ionescu.
Paideia Publishing House, Bucharest, 2010.

Based on diverse artistic and aesthetic experiences, the publication offers possible answers to the way in which image and sound are affected by digital technologies of today. This collection of texts is organized around different types of imagery and sound, spatial forms and forms of memory to be found in the current digital context. The volume approaches the ways in which new technologies have influenced the artistic production, its organization, its spatial representation and its perception, as well as, the complexities involved in the organization of a database or an archive. The present book has attempted to present various layers of theoretical approach on new media, and to highlight a few points of view and possible ways of approaching it.


Tincuta HEINZEL – Introduction.

Chapter I. Types of Imagery and Sound and Their Interaction
Bogdan GHIU – Imperceptible, Hyperceptible: the New Hodological Condition.
Tincuta HEINZEL – Video – Between Utopia and History. Interview with Woody Vasulka.
Paulo FERREIRA-LOPES – A Gnosseological Approach of the Concept of Interaction. Real Time in Music – Several Paradigms and Models.

Chapter II. Spatial Forms
Sophie FETRO – Digital Surrealities. Design and Architecture: Arts of f[r]iction.
Augustin IOAN – Experiment in Romanian Architecture.
Gemma SAN CORNELIO & Pau ALSINA – On Flows, Places and Spaces: towards a framework for Locative Media Artworks.

Chapter III. Types of Memory
Anne-Marie DUGUET – Anarchive (Digital Archives on Contemporary Art) n°3 – Title TK.
Heike HELFERT – Search and Repair. Digital Heritage and Time Based Art.
Peter Tomaz DOBRILA & Uros INDIHAR – MEDIARC – Open Source Multiuser Central Archiving System: Web Application for Electronic Managing of Documents and Other Files.


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